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3News' Chris Webb attends Cleveland Guardians game with B-Buzz youth baseball players

As 3News Contributor Chris Webb shares, the memories and inspiration that come with attending your first MLB game can last a lifetime.

CLEVELAND — I recently was able to join a talented group of young people for a very special event. B-Buzz is a youth community baseball league that recently received free tickets to a Guardians game. And as Executive Director Wendell Fields explains, the impact of seeing the Major Leagues is important for these young people.

"[When you play little league] you see your fellow people, you see the coaches you have, but when you get to come here, you see what the goal is and you get to see how large baseball actually is," he said. "Walking into the stadium and actually seeing the players up close, hearing the crack of the bat, the roar, the crowd and it just gives them a good experience."

But the drive doesn't only come from the major leagues for many of the young people. The inspiration starts with B-Buzz itself. The nonprofit league is dedicated to expanding access to young players here in Cleveland. 

"Honestly for what I've seen, I've seen a lot of kids learning how to become friends, the coaches becoming mentors to the kids, showing 'em everything we can, you know, just teaching 'em life, basic skills outside of baseball," explained B-Buzz coach A.J. Lowery.

And as Fields says, the excitement and memories created here at Progressive Field will inspire these young players for years to come.

"Honestly, the Guardians are showing the kids what Cleveland is made of and maybe it get the kids inspired enough to wanna eventually keep playing, get better and eventually become pros and become a Guardian."

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