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Cleveland Guardians pitcher Shane Bieber and fiancé take children from OhioGuidestone’s residential program horseback riding

The star for the Cleveland Guardians is giving back to the community by working with OhioGuidestone.

CLEVELAND — Editor's note: The video above previously aired on 3News on June 8, 2022.

A group of children in the OhioGuidestone’s residential program received a special surprise when Cleveland Guardians pitcher Shane Bieber and his fiancé Kara Kavajecz took them horseback riding. 

After discovering OhioGuidestone from its partnership with the Cleveland Guardians, Bieber and Kavajecz took the group of kids to the Rocky River Stables, where they received a grooming lesson and a chance to ride the horses.

 Bieber noted that his fiancé is the expert when it comes to horses. 

“The horseback lesson was Kara’s idea,” said Bieber. “She grew up with horses in Northern California and competed in rodeo and barrel racing, and she wanted to do something special for the children under OhioGuidestone’s care.”

The day was meant to be a therapeutic day for the children spending time in the OhioGuidestone program. 

“When I was stressed as a kid, I would get on a horse and ride until I felt better. Horses made everything better for me,” said Kavajecz. “I want the kids at OhioGuidestone to experience the same joy I had growing up around horses.”

In the future, Bieber hopes to host more events for the kids at OhioGuidestone. 

“Activities like this are extremely important for the young people in our care,” said Krista Willits who has been a key component of OhioGuidestone’s residential program since 1990.“They need positive experiences where we create happy memories and build on them. Some of our kids have never pet a horse let alone ride and groom one.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: The video above previously aired on 3News on June 10, 2022.     


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