The Cleveland Indians, along with local innovators, are merging baseball and technology for the 2016 Indians' Hackathon in May.

Hackathon's aim is to generate new ideas on enhancing fan experiences, particularly at Progressive Field.

The event allows the local technology community and its leaders to converge and share ideas. Teams of developers will create projects, such as apps and prototypes, and share their ideas through presentations and demonstrations.

The event kicks off May 6, where teams will meet up before they begin building their projects. The building phase takes place from May 6-20. On the weekend of May 20-21, teams will demonstrate their creations at Progressive Field.

Hackathon benefits all parties involved, as the Indians receive new ideas to transform their brand and improve the execution of fan experiences. Local technology leaders are in the spotlight with a platform from which they can showcase their talents. It also shines a light on the importance of technology and the growing career opportunities in the software industry.

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