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'Beyond the Dugout': Cleveland Indians star Francisco Lindor shares his go-to song when walking up to the plate

Dave Chudowsky sat down with Frankie in the spring, before the coronavirus shutdown.

CLEVELAND — Get to know more about Francisco Lindor as we go "Beyond the Dugout" with the Indians shortstop:

3News' Dave Chudowsky: You're a veteran at this "Beyond the Dugout" segment. I mean, this does not scare you at all, I’m sure.

Francisco Lindor: No, it doesn’t.

Chudowsky: A lot of people liked the emoji last year with a smile. Is it still the same or have you changed it?

Lindor: (laughs) Yes, it's still the same. Still the same.

Credit: 3News/Apple
Francisco Lindor: "Mr. Smile"

Chudowsky: Hey, our show in the mornings is called "GO," so we are just going to go with you: What makes Francisco Lindor "GO"? Ready? Go-to recipe?

Lindor: Go-to recipe? Pancakes, I guess. Is that a recipe?

Chudowsky: With syrup?

Lindor: Yeah, of course. Chocolate chip!

Chudowsky: Yeah, my kids love chocolate chip pancakes. Go-to snack?

Lindor: Um, cookies.

Chudowsky: Go-to place in your house?

Lindor: Living room.

Chudowsky: Why?

Lindor: I just love the couch. I can sleep on the couch every night.

Chudowsky: Go-to song.

Lindor: "Space Jam"

Chudowsky: Go-to walk-up song when you’re going up to the plate?

Lindor: "Space Jam." One of the greatest I’ve played.

Chudowsky: Same answer that’s the one. Go-to binge show? Do you binge a show? I know "Duck Dynsasty" is your favorite.

Lindor: Yeah, that is my favorite TV show. I do "Duck Dynasty." I don't know why, but I just love it!

Chudowsky: Go-to binge food besides pancakes?

Lindor: Pizza!

Chudowsky: Favorite topping?

Lindor: Pepperoni.

Chudowsky: Go-to person to call?

Lindor: My mom. I’m a mama’s boy.

Chudowsky: Go-to activity?

Lindor: Ride my bike.

Chudowsky: Go-to stress reliever?

Lindor: Um, baseball.

Chudowsky: Nothing else?

Lindor: Movies. Sleep.

Chudowsky: Sleep…On that couch after you eat pancakes?

Lindor: Yeah, and pizza.

Chudowsky: Hey, last thing. How about we “go” to the World Series?

Lindor: Done. Consider it done.