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Cleveland Indians outfielder Jordan Luplow reveals the best gift he's ever received -- and it will totally surprise you: 'Beyond the Dugout'

We go 'Beyond the Dugout' for an in-depth conversation with Jordan Luplow.

CLEVELAND — Get to know more about Jordan Luplow as we go "Beyond the Dugout" with the Cleveland Indians outfielder.

3News' Dave Chudowsky: Jordan Luplow joins me now on "Beyond the Dugout." Thanks for taking the time. This is your first time on the hot seat. Let's start out with this... What your mother would say is your best quality?

Cleveland Indians' Jordan Luplow: I'd say she would say I'm very giving.

Chudowsky: OK, that's a good answer. How about worst quality?

Luplow: Worst?

Chudowsky: Yeah.

Luplow: You know, sometimes I get a little short-tempered.

Chudowsky: OK.

Luplow: Yeah.

Chudowsky: Oh, boy.

Luplow: Yeah, sometimes. I'm working on it.

Chudowsky: All right. What happens with that temper? What if I'm on the other end of this temper? Should I be nervous?

Luplow: No, no. I just think I just kind of like close out a little bit. I go into my quiet mode.

Chudowsky: I just want to be like, "Hey, what's your favorite color? Why'd you ask me that!!!!!"

Luplow: (laughs) No!

Chudowsky: That wouldn't happen? OK.

Luplow: No. No. No. I just get pretty quiet.

Chudowsky: All right. Well I can deal with that, although on TV quiet is not good. Best gift anyone's ever given you?

Luplow: I can tell you my favorite gift is Girl Scout cookies. The Thin Mints.

Chudowsky: Oh my gosh.

Luplow: If I get those, I’m…

Chudowsky: That's it?

Luplow: That's it. You're in the will after that, that's it for life.

Chudowsky: I’ll remember that. Just for the Girl Scout cookies?

Luplow: That’s it!

Chudowsky: Thin Mints. Have you ever taken a box and frozen them?

Luplow: Have to!

Chudowsky: Yes!

Luplow: You can’t not.

Chudowsky: Yeah, and then I'll even save one for like six months and then, bam! You have it again six months later.

Luplow: Or you can just buy like 10 or 15 boxes, you know. That's kind of what I do.

Chudowsky: That's what you do, so they just last that long.

Luplow: Yeah.

Chudowsky: Staying on that food topic. What's your favorite restaurant?

Luplow: There's this place in San Diego it's called Ken's Sushi. It's pretty good sushi, and Ken hooks it up with the sake bombs. Yeah, he’ll get you going.

Chudowsky: Would you be more of a steak, chicken or fish guy?

Luplow: Chicken.

Chudowsky: How do you like your chicken?

Luplow: I’ve gotten pretty good at the Traeger smoking it.

Chudowsky: That sounds great.

Luplow: Chicken on the Traeger, 25 minutes (makes facial reaction – loves it).

Chudowsky: You like to hunt?

Luplow: I do. I did a little bit of bird hunting this off season.

Chudowsky: Best thing you've got?

Luplow: So, I got my first snow goose this year.

Chudowsky: Ooh.

Luplow: Then we cooked it up and had a little filet. It was nice.

Chudowsky: I like that. We're going to finish on some rapid-fire because you’re into this.

Luplow: All right.

Chudowsky: Cleanest teammate?

Luplow: Naquin.

Chudowsky: Sloppiest teammate?

Luplow: Oh man, sloppiest…(laughs) I can’t do that. I don’t know. Uh, man!

Chudowsky: I told you it gets hot in here!

Luplow: Man!

Chudowsky: All right. We'll move on. Who has the best car?

Luplow: Roberto Perez. He has a Lamborghini, it’s pretty nice.

Chudowsky: All right, we’ll end on that we'll drive off. Thanks Jordan, appreciate it.

Luplow: Thanks for having me on.

Chudowsky: You are off the hot seat.

Luplow: Thank you.

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