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Cleveland Indians pitcher Adam Plutko serves up answers with Dave Chudowsky: 'Beyond the Dugout'

We go 'Beyond the Dugout' for an in-depth conversation with Adam Plutko

CLEVELAND — Get to know more about Adam Plutko as we go "Beyond the Dugout" with the Cleveland Indians Pitcher.  

Chudowsky: Adam Plutko joins me now on Beyond the Dugout, are you nervous?

Plutko: Uh, always!

Chudowsky: Always! (laugh)…Always in life or just for Beyond the Dugout?

 Plutko:  I just stay nervous, yeah…yeah

Chudowsky: Okay well that won't be the first question are you a nervous guy, (yes) let's start out with one that always gets people right off the bat… it can be challenging, your favorite color?

Plutko: Uh…green.

Chudowsky:  Worst habit?

Plutko:  Drinking wine.

Chudowsky:  Well that's not that bad…

Plutko:  I don't think it's bad.

Chudowsky:  That is not your worst!

Plutko:  Some people classify it as bad.

Chudowsky: Favorite emoji?

Plutko:  Probably the thumbs up.

Chudowsky:  Thumbs up guy?

Plutko: Yeah.

Chudowsky: Yeah, that's a good one.

Plutko: Or the shaka, I’m from California so I throw out a lot of shaka’s.

Chudowsky: You use that one a lot?

Plutko: Yeah, in place of thumbs up…

Chudowsky: In place of thumbs up?

Plutko:  Yeah!

Chudowsky: But you could go either way?

Plutko:  Yeah either way.

Chudowsky: But you seem pretty-positive emoji guy?

Plutko: Yeah, I don't throw too many middle fingers out there, I try and stay away from those.

Chudowsky: Do you have any secret talents?

Plutko:  Uh cook, I can really cook!

Chudowsky: Really?

Plutko:  Yeah!

Chudowsky:  What's your best dish?

Plutko:  Um…. I don't know…I just see what's in the fridge and make stuff.

Chudowsky:  Dinner, breakfast, lunch, everything?

Plutko:  Everything!  My Wife's not allowed in the kitchen she literally, she knows she's not allowed in the kitchen.

Chudowsky: Oh!!!  How does she feel about that?

Plutko: She's fine she'll just drink her wine on the couch, and I'll make her dinner. I don't think anybody hates that.

Chudowsky: And that’s a great habit!

Plutko:  Yeah, exactly!

Chudowsky: No doubt about it… If you could have a superpower what would it be?

Plutko:  To fly!  It'd probably be pretty-cool, but I'm afraid of heights so I feel like that'd be a little tricky.

Chudowsky: Yeah! That doesn’t…

Plutko:  I just wouldn't fly like super high, like I would just keep it low.

Chudowsky: Up for a little rapid fire?

Plutko:  Yeah.

Chudowsky: Rather win an Oscar or a Grammy?

Plutko: Grammy.

Chudowsky: Rip it off or slowly tear… band-aid?

Plutko:  Oh Rip! 

Chudowsky: Rip it off, you got to… Instagram or Facebook?

Plutko:  Instagram come on!

Chudowsky:  Really, I mean it's that simple? 

Plutko: Come on!

Chudowsky: Come on, what am I thinking… Spring or Summer?

Plutko:  Uh, Summer.

Chudowsky: Winter or fall?  

Plutko:  Fall.

Chudowsky:  Salt or sugar?

Plutko:  Salt.

Chudowsky:  All right, and on that note you're off the hot seat.  Not so bad?

Plutko:  Not bad at all.