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Cleveland Indians pitcher Nick Wittgren dishes on the best parts of fatherhood: 'Beyond the Dugout'

We go 'Beyond the Dugout' for an in-depth conversation with Nick Wittgren.

CLEVELAND — *Editor's Note: The interview was conducted prior to social distancing guidelines being put in place.

Get to know more about Nick Wittgren as we go "Beyond the Dugout" with the Cleveland Indians Pitcher.  

Chudowsky: Nick Wittgren joins me now on Beyond the Dugout.  A brand-new dad in 2019 uh, I guess my first question would you trade it for the world?

Wittgren:  No, no it's amazing it's awesome just watching him grow up you know his personality changing and just coming out and beginning to walk and throw and the other day my wife was in the other room he was being quiet in the other living room and she went in check on him and he was taking the ball putting it on the T and hitting it, so it was like okay yeah…

Chudowsky: Here we go! 

Wittgren: Looks like he likes baseball right now. (laughs)

Chudowsky: Favorite thing about being a dad?

Wittgren:  Just being around my wife and my son.

Chudowsky: Yeah.

Wittgren: It's you know watching her with my son is melts my heart, yeah.

Chudowsky:  You're right about that, uh have you gotten into the cartoons yet?

Wittgren:  Uh… loves mickey we’ll sing the hot dog song left and right…

Chudowsky: (singing with the help of Wittgren) Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!

Wittgren:  Exactly!

Chudowsky: Love it

Wittgren: Loves it, absolutely if he's being crazy at a restaurant turn that thing on real, quick, he'll calm down and be good.

Chudowsky:  That's what we like to call a game changer!

Wittgren: Yes, oh my gosh.

Chudowsky: Absolutely, oh boy all right let's get away from family and tell me about yourself. Role model growing up?

Wittgren:  Uh I mean like sports wise didn't really have one my mom was a big one uh just the way she handled three-three kids and three boys, um but yeah probably, probably my mom.

Chudowsky: Okay, biggest fear?

Wittgren:  Biggest fear, oh man?  A little kid at fan fest asked me this and it stunned me I was like I do not know I wasn't expecting it.

Chudowsky: Well, I sent him there all right to prep you.

 Wittgren: Yeah, there you go.

Chudowsky: It didn’t work. (laughs)

Wittgren:  Uh, no I still haven’t thought of one. 

Chudowsky: All right then we’ll move on. 

Wittgren:  I’d probably say…

Chudowsky: That kid!

Wittgren:  Yeah, (laughing) well failing at failing as like a dad or something.

Chudowsky: That’s an honest answer.

Wittgren:  Yeah.

Chudowsky: Ok, favorite thing to do on an off day?

Wittgren:  Spend time with the family go hit a little water park or uh morning breakfast is always the highlight of my day uh just with them one: Jackson's always in a good mood so big but then uh, two: just you know getting up and getting out in the fresh air and doing something in the morning lets you, you know kind of have energy to do stuff the rest of the day as well.

Chudowsky: This is it for beyond the dugout do you feel like it was all right?

Wittgren:  Yeah it was good!

Chudowsky: I like it was fun.

Wittgren:  Yeah, I appreciate it.

Chudowsky: You’re off the hot seat.

Wittgren:  Oh, thank you.

Chudowsky: Thank you.


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