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Cleveland Indians donate $10,000 to Louis Sockalexis fund

The fund hopes to raise enough money for a statue of Sockalexis.
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CALAIS, Me. -- The Cleveland Indians have donated $10,000 to the Louis Sockalexis Monument Fund, the team confirmed Tuesday.

The fund was created by a nonprofit association dedicated to building a statue in Sockalexis' honor in his home state of Maine. The association hopes to raise at least $80,000 for the project, which could cost as high as $100,000, according to Ed Rice, director to the association.

Sockalexis is considered the pioneer player who inspired the Indians team name. The outfielder played three seasons for the Cleveland Spiders organization in the 1890s and was a member of the Penobscot Indian tribe of Maine.

The Cleveland Indians declined to comment on the donation.