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Cleveland Indians pitcher Brad Hand dreams of being on the PGA Tour one day: Beyond the Dugout

We go 'Beyond the Dugout' for an in-depth conversation with Brand Hand.

CLEVELAND — Get to know more about Brad Hand as we go "Beyond the Dugout" with the Cleveland Indians pitcher.

Question: Describe your perfect vacation.

Hand: My perfect vacation would probably be somewhere on a Caribbean island, you know with my family, with some beaches, maybe some golf courses, hanging out at the beach or the pool or playing some golf.

Question: Are you a big golfer?

Hand: Big golfer, yeah. I enjoy it. 

Question: What’s your handicap?

Hand: I’m a four.

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Question: Whoa! You guys do have a lot of good golfers on this team. 

Hand: Yeah, we have quite a few. You know, I’ve probably taken it seriously over the past five or six years and tried to get better and starting to get a little better.

Question: So, what’s more difficult... closing a game in baseball or a long putt with it all on the line against your teammates?

Hand: Golf is a really difficult sport. You watch the guys that are on tour, if you play golf you appreciate what they do a lot more. It’s super hard, super frustrating, but for some reason we’re always coming back for more.

Question: If you did play another sport, what would it be? Would it be golf or something else, and what would your dream outcome be?

Hand: Growing up in Minnesota, I played hockey growing up. So probably a few years ago I would have said hockey, but I have fallen in love with golf. I like it. I think it’s a very difficult sport, but I would love to be on tour for sure!

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