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Francisco Lindor says he'd support Cleveland Indians name change

Francisco Lindor says he'd be open to the Cleveland Indians changing their name, if it "brings more love and more peace to society."

CLEVELAND — Since being called up to the Major League level in 2015, Francisco Lindor has only played for one team: the Cleveland Indians.

But while there has been plenty of speculation regarding his future in Cleveland, it may not be a trade or free agency departure that leads to the 4-time All-Star wearing a new team name on his jersey.

On Friday, the Indians announced that they were undergoing discussions that could result in the franchise changing its name. Asked about the possibility -- if not likelihood -- of the Indians changing their name, Lindor said he would support such a move if it meant bringing "more love and more peace to society."

"I understand society shifting and it's changing," Lindor said. "We are due for some change. Along those guidelines, I'm open to listening to a change of names if it's going to bring more love, peace and happiness to the world."

That shift in society Lindor was referring to includes a newfound awareness of racial insensitivities in the United States following George Floyd's death in Minneapolis and the civil unrest that followed. In the week's since Floyd was killed while being arrested on Memorial Day, several companies and brands have made pledges to either examine or change racially insensitive names and/or mascots.

That group includes the NFL's Washington Redskins, who announced on Friday they would consider changing their name after receiving public pressure from corporate sponsors. Hours later, the Indians followed suit, with manager Terry Francona stating on Sunday that he would support such a move.

"I think it's time to move forward," Francona said. "Even at my age, you don't want to be too old to learn or realize that maybe I've been ignorant of some things and to be ashamed of it and to try to be better."

For years, the Indians' nickname has been a polarizing topic, often spurring Opening Day protests outside of Progressive Field. On Monday, the Cleveland Indigenous Coalition issued a series of statements in support of the Indians changing their name.

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