The self-proclaimed “King of all Media” is weighing in on the Cleveland Indians' controversial Chief Wahoo logo.

In a ‘Howard Stern Show’ broadcast earlier this week, Stern said he saw an image of Chief Wahoo in a New York Post article and "couldn’t believe the Indians were getting away with the logo."

“This is about as crazy as it gets,” said Stern.

His co-host, Robin Quivers joined the conversation saying “That’s as racist as it gets.”

The duo went on to say how disrespectful they felt the logo was to Native-Americans. “We make fun of you and we make you an emasculated cartoon figure and name a baseball team after you,” said Stern.

The Chief Wahoo logo has been a hot-button topic for years sparking protests, and most recently a lawsuit in Toronto.

“I just looked at it and said how are they still doing that, it’s crazy,” said Stern.

Stern ended the segment saying “It’s really is.”