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Poll: What do you think of 'Guardians' as the Cleveland Indians' new name?

The Cleveland Indians announced on Friday that they will change their name to the Cleveland Guardians following the 2021 season.

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Indians may have settled on a new name. But the debate over it didn't stop there.

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In a video released on social media on Friday, the Indians announced that they will change their name to the "Cleveland Guardians" at the end of the ongoing 2021 MLB season. Reaction to the Indians' new name has largely been mixed, with some applauding the team taking on a more local nickname, with others wishing that the team would have picked something easier for out-of-towners to understand.

And then there are the logos and uniforms. While some are happy that the Indians aren't making a drastic change, aesthetically, others wish that would have. But regardless of where you stand on the Indians' new name, logos and uniforms, everyone seems to have an opinion on the upcoming changes to Cleveland's baseball team.

In order to get a better gauge on how fans feel about the "Guardians" as the Indians' new name, we took to Twitter. You can vote on whether you "love," "hate" or are "indifferent" to the Guardians' nickname in the poll below.

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