You’ll find a lot of things outside Progressive Field this week for the World Series including team gear, peanuts, hotdogs and high fives. But abundant, affordable parking isn’t one of them. Within a short walk from the stadium you’ll pay $50, $80 or even $100.

It sounds extraordinary, but so are the Indians this year.

“It was tough to do. To spend $100 for a parking ticket is something we would never do, but it’s a once in a lifetime experience,” said Sherry Koenig, a life-long Indians fan who now lives out of state.

Cubs fans shelled out the big bucks for the $100 lot, as well.

“We all split the parking. It’s $100, but it’s a little bit cheaper than home because at home you can’t even get this close for $100. So, go Cleveland to that!” said Jamelle McBride, a Cubs fan.

“It’s worth every penny,” Ralph Criswell told us of parking in the $80 lot.

“This is definitely a priceless thing,” his son Daniel said.

These crowds won’t remember how long it took them to find a spot or how much they paid, but the feeling of a World Series Game One at home.

“It’s a big treat and it’s something we’ll cherish memories of for a long time,” said Sherry Koenig.