For the more than 30 years that Jim Donovan has been a sports anchor here at WKYC Channel 3, he's always noticed the small, passionate group of protestors that were advocating for the elimination of Chief Wahoo every opening day.

They deserved an "A" for effort, but you always thought their perseverance would never come to fruition.

That has all changed. The polarizing logo will disappear from the Cleveland Indians' hats and jerseys at the start of the 2019 season, the team and Major League Baseball confirmed on Monday.

This move comes thanks to a compassionate new commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred, who listened to the pleas of Native Americans and agreed that it was time for the chief to go.

The climate around the country these days is this: Sensitivity and political correctness is the road you want to travel.

In recent years, the Indians have slowly and quietly moved away from Wahoo, moving to the block "C" on their logo and removing him from signage in the ballpark.

Wahoo isn't going away for good, however, as the Indians won't relinquish the trademark and will be able to profit off the logo with merchandise at Progressive Field and in the Northeast Ohio area. In some ways, this will also satisfy the fans who are heartbroken because of this move.

It's really ironic that does take effect in 2019, that's the year that the Indians will host Major League Baseball's All-Star Game at Progressive Field. Manfred was sensitive to Chief Wahoo being on display so prominently on the national stage during the 2016 World Series between the Tribe and the Cubs.

Baseball controls the stage of an all-star game, so on that night, Chief Wahoo will be on the outside looking in.

And the World Series of 2016 will go down as the pushover point. The point where Manfred told Indians ownership that Chief Wahoo has to go.

Jimmy added one last note during Donovan Live, "If I was insensitive to that group (those protesting Chief Wahoo), I am sorry for that, but you have scored a great victory to a sensitive baseball commissioner."