A Cleveland Cavaliers fan is jobless after sending hateful tweets to Steph Curry's family.

On Wednesday, Sydel Curry, Steph's sister, tweeted that she was heading to Cleveland.

The fan then reportedly sent Sydel a homophobic and vulgar tweet telling the family to get out of Cleveland, according to For The Win. He also mentioned Riley Curry, Steph's 3-year-old daughter, in the tweet.

The tweets have since been deleted.

Sydel responded to the fan, who goes by @SoftCaramelKiss, and the two exchanged a series of tweets.

The Holton-Wise Property Group, a Parma-based real estate company the fan worked for, was alerted to the tweets.

The owner of the company, James Wise, sent an apology to the Curry family Thursday through Twitter. He said the employee was fired for his actions.

The tweet read:

An open letter to the Curry family.

On behalf of the entire Holton Wise team, I would like to sincerely apologize to the Curry family and anyone else who was offended by the actions displayed yesterday on Twitter, by a former Holton Wise team member. Once we were made aware of his wildly inappropriate behavior we immediately terminated this individual as those actions are not reflective of the culture here at The Holton-Wise Property Group. We do not condone or tolerate hate speech of any kind, let alone hate speech that is directed towards a child.

The people of Cleveland love our city and are passionate about our sports teams. I do not want a bad experience to sour your family on our entire city. Cleveland has a lot to offer and hopefully after your visit here, you will love the city of Cleveland as much as we do.

Sydel later thanked Wise for his apology.

As for the now out-of-work fan, he has acknowledged his firing on Twitter.