CLEVELAND -- The whirlwind trade saga for the Cleveland Cavaliers early Thursday created a stir in sports.

Among those leaving the Cavs is Dwyane Wade who was traded by to the Miami Heat, which he is very excited about.

He took a moment late Thursday to thank Cleveland and express his gratitude he’s back in Miami during a brief statement on Twitter.

“I want to first start off by saying thank you to the Cleveland Cavaliers fan base, thank you to the organization and the players that accepted me with open arms. Obviously it wasn’t the season everybody wanted, but I think for the most part I came in and I tried my best. I hope that you guys seen that. I also want to thank the Miami Heat organization for bringing me back home. This is something that we’ve talked about for a long time as a family. It’s something the fan base in Miami has talked about. I think we all thought and believed that one day it could happen. That one day is today. I’m excited to get this started.”

He ended the video with three simple words... “Let’s go, Heat.”

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