All of the recent drama surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers just took another interesting twist. During a conversation regarding whether or not the team should look to trade LeBron James -- and whether or not James would sign off on his no-trade clause -- on the Wednesday episode of 'First Take,' Stephen A. Smith said he was told that Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is looking to sell the team.

“I’ll tell you the No. 1 reason why LeBron James isn’t going to capitulate to anything Dan Gilbert wants to do. Because what Dan Gilbert wants to do, from what I’m being told, is sell the team," Smith said. "But (the Cavs are) more viable as a commodity if LeBron James is on your squad as opposed to if he leaves. That’s one of the reasons Dan Gilbert wanted him to commit for 3-5 years, because within that span, you sell the team, you get money out the wazoo and LeBron is left to this owner.”

You can see the entire segment in the video below. His comments on Gilbert's desire to sell the team begin at the 4:40 mark.

For what it's worth, ESPN's Darren Rovell disputed Smith's comments, as did Kevin Kleps of Crain's Cleveland.

Smith's revelation, however, is worth noting, as the longtime ESPN personality is well-connected in NBA circles.

For what it's worth, Gilbert purchased the Cavs in 2005 for a reported price of $375 million. The franchise is now worth $1.2 billion, according to Forbes.

James' presence, of course, could affect the value of the franchise, which is what makes a potential sale so interesting. As Smith notes, it could also be a reason why James is hesitant to commit long-term to the franchise.

All indications, however, seem to be that any potential sale is far from near. Nevertheless, it will be worth monitoring moving forward as yet another season of 'As The Cavs Turn' continues to unfold.