It's been more than a year since the Cleveland Cavaliers suspended guard J.R. Smith for throwing soup at then-assistant coach Damon Jones and yet, details have largely remained scarce regarding the infamous incident.

That, however, changed on Monday, when Jones joined ESPN's David Jacoby on "Jalen and Jacoby," where he finally broke his silence on the matter. Among other details, Jones confirmed that the soup in question was, in fact, chicken tortilla.

"For a long time, I refused to talk about the soup incident," said Jones, who the Cavs fired in October alongside former head coach Tyronn Lue. "It's OK now because I've moved on. Me and J.R., we talked about it and he apologized."

Jones went on to reveal that it wasn't just the physical soup that Smith had thrown at him, but also the bowl in which it was being held.

"It was the bowl plus the soup," the former Cavs point guard said. "And it was the first bowl out of the pot, so it was hot as hell. Very hot."

While it remains unclear what provoked Smith -- who ranks 13th all-time in NBA 3-point shooting -- to throw the bowl of soup at Jones, it sounds as though the former Sixth Man of the Year connected with a straight shot.

"I was standing up and hit me in the shoulder, arm, everywhere. It hit the wall. I mean, it was a mess," Jones said. "All I remember is the soup was on my arm and it was hot as hell."

Cleveland suspended Smith one game as a result of the incident, which cost him a $94,897 paycheck. According to, the 15th-year swingman has been fined more than $742,000 over the course of his career.

Despite the Cavs' swift punishment, a rift between Smith and Jones remained. According to the latter, the two didn't talk for nearly three months before hashing out their issues following a back-to-back that ended in Philadelphia late last season.

With Jones having since been fired and Smith remaining on a leave of absence from the team, neither is currently in Cleveland. Both, however, have secured a permanent place in Cavs lore for their participation in one of the more unique moments in franchise history.