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LOOK | New Cleveland Cavaliers 'City Edition' The Land jersey leaks on NBA 2K18

CLEVELAND -- At some point in the not-too-distant future, the Cleveland Cavaliers will presumably unveil their fourth and final new Nike jersey, dubbed the 'City Edition.'

Until then, we'll have to rely on mockups to get a glimpse of the Cavs' upcoming threads. And while we've already seen a t-shirt version of the jersey hit stores, a video game leak has provided us with our clearest look at the Cavs' new duds.

Earlier this week, the NBA 2K18 video game inadvertently unveiled the 'City Edition' alternates of all 30 NBA teams. That allowed uniform expert Conrad Burry -- who has been on top of the Cavs' new uniforms from the start -- to update his mockup of the jersey, which features 'The Land' written in white font with a black and gold outline on a gray jersey.

The getups mark the first time gray has been used as a part of the Cavs' color scheme.

Earlier this week, the Cavs released their full uniform schedule for the remainder of the 2017-18 season -- from which their unreleased gray jerseys were noticeably absent. But as pointed out by one Twitter user, the team is slated to wear its white "Association" jerseys nearly twice as much as its black "Statement" and wine "Icon" uniforms, which could be a sign that the "City" editions could split time with the similarly lighter jerseys once announced.

A gray version of LeBron James' signature Nike shoe, titled the "City Edition," was also unveiled earlier this week, seemingly confirming that gray is here to stay in Cleveland.

For a full look at the leaked 'City Edition' uniforms, which feature colorful designs paying homage to each team's respective hometown, check out SportsLogos.net.