Cavaliers fans were saddened today with the news that popular role player Richard Jefferson (along with Kay Felder) would be traded to the Atlanta Hawks.

However, before R.J. left Cleveland for good, one last obligation remained: A live "Road Trippin'" podcast from Homage at Crocker Park on Saturday.

The live show had been scheduled before news of the trade broke, and many were unsure if Jefferson would show up for the podcast that endeared him and Channing Frye to the city.

True to his word, however, R.J. came, and received a hero's welcome upon arriving at the store.

Along with Jefferson, Frye, and Fox Sports Ohio's Allie Clifton, newcomers Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder also showed up.

Jefferson addressed his exit from the Cavs right off the bat, claiming he "knew" his days with the team were numbered following the signing of three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade.

R.J. also waxed poetic about the first time he got traded in 2009, and how he found out from a kid at his basketball camp.

And yes, he took one more shot at longtime Cleveland nemesis Draymond Green.

While Jefferson "does not know" what the future holds for him (reports indicate he will be released by the Hawks), he promised he is "always going to be connected to Cleveland."

And don't worry: Road Trippin' will continue with Clifton and Frye (and possibly Isaiah Thomas?).

RJ: “you guys got any kid mediums?”

— Ben Axelrod (@BenAxelrod) October 14, 2017