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Scottie Pippen says LeBron James led Cavs to 2016 championship without any help

Taking to social media on Friday, NBA legend Scottie Pippen claimed LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the 2016 NBA title without much help.

CLEVELAND — The recent five-year anniversary of the Cleveland Cavaliers' 2016 NBA title has had many reflecting on LeBron James' improbable run to his third championship.

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Apparently, some remember it better than others.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, NBA legend Scottie Pippen -- who won six championships during his time with the Chicago Bulls -- responded to a segment on ESPN's "First Take" by claiming that James had won a title without any help. When pressed on which of James' four career championships Pippen was referring to, the seven-time All-Star said 2016.

"2016 Finals my man… which other star was out there with LeBron?" Pippen tweeted at Smith.

As Smith -- and many others -- were quick to point out, both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were on the 2016 Cavs, who overcame a 3-1 series deficit against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals to win Cleveland's first championship in 52 years.

"With all due respect my brother, that is ridiculous. D-Wade and Chris Bosh (Miami), Kyrie and Kevin Love (Cleveland) and Anthony Davis (Lakers)," Smith tweeted. "WTH is the matter with you? You know basketball. You’re a 6-time champion. How can you utter such Blasphemy?:

After Smith reiterated that Irving was on the 2016 Cavs, Pippen admitted he had made an error -- which he blamed on all the promotional work he has been doing for his new bourbon, Digits. As it turns out, Michael Jordan's former running mate was thinking of the Cavs' 2015 season, in which James helped Cleveland take Golden State to six games, despite Irving and Love missing the bulk of the series with injuries.

"I’m too focused on the Digits launch, I got the wrong year I was thinking of 2015, you good." Pippen tweeted. "You’re welcome for the content."

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