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LeBron James' agent, Rich Paul, says winning will matter most in free agency

On Wednesday, LeBron James' agent, Rich Paul appeared on Fox Sports' The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

And with the show filming in Los Angeles, of course the subject of the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar's impending free agency was brought up.

Asked by Cowherd whether or not the Lakers' win-loss record this season would affect how James viewed Los Angeles as a viable destination moving forward, Paul admitted winning will be his highest-profile client's priority. Paul, however, noted that while a win total in the high-30s might show progress for the Lakers this season, it wouldn't necessarily be as impressive as a potential fourth straight NBA Finals appearance in Cleveland.

"For anywhere -- not Los Angeles, not Miami, not Detroit, Milwaukee -- I think for LeBron, and for most athletes, the most important thing is about winning. At his level, it should be. It should be about winning at his point in his career," Paul said. "I think Cleveland won 60 games and went to the Finals three years in a row. So, I think his focus should be there."

Paul, a Cleveland native, went on to state that James wouldn't shift his attention to next summer until it actually arrived -- something the 4-time MVP said himself at Cavs' media day in September.

"I think he owes that to his teammates and he owes it to the organization to keep his focus on the Cleveland Cavaliers for right now," Paul said. "And my job is to, at such time, give him the advice that he wants and prepare him to be able to make whatever decision he wants to make at such time.

"Right now, that’s not the time."

As for when that time does arrive, it's beginning to appear James could have a difficult decision on his hands.

While Paul is right that the Cavs have made three straight NBA Finals and could reach a fourth next June, Cleveland currently lays claim to the oldest roster in the league and is short on both assets and cap space to improve its standing. Now in the midst of a three-game winning streak, the Cavs are still favored to win the Eastern Conference this season, but the gap between themselves and the Golden State Warriors only appears to be widening.

Plenty, of course, can change across the NBA landscape between now and next summer. But James' agent and business partner are now each on record in saying that when The King chooses to pick his next -- or stay at his current -- kingdom, winning will matter most.

To see the entirety of Paul's interview on The Herd, which offers an interesting glimpse into James' life, watch the video below.

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