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Local young athletes react to tragic death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant

"It really just woke me up and gave me a reality check."

CLEVELAND — The news of Kobe Bryant's passing has no doubt left many, both young and old, reflecting on his legacy in basketball and beyond. 

The young athletes at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland spent their Monday expressing their feelings on the court. 

Kobe had been working with kids -- teaming up with Nike and the Boys and Girls Clubs in Los Angeles to create the Mamba League for young athletes, offering lessons on basketball and life. 

Those lessons could also be found here in Cleveland, where students like 17-year-old Jayla Vanhorn and 10-year-old Ally Grant, took time to reflect. 

"I think sometimes we forget that he's human, too," Vanhorn told 3News. "We think these athletes live such wonderful lives, and nothing can ever happen to them, but it really just woke me up and gave me a reality check."

It was a moment to reflect on more than just basketball. 

"Any type of arguments that you may have with anybody else, just put that aside because you never know when it'll be your last time saying goodbye to somebody," Jayla added. 

There are lessons on life, love, and success that we should all remember. 

"Be the best you can be no matter what. And if you really believe in something, you can do it, no matter what happens," says Ally. 

Both Jayla and Ally both say that the news really took them by surprise –  and it hit close to their hearts when they found out that Kobe's 13-year-old daughter Gigi and her teammate Alyssa were also tragically killed in the crash. 

Truly marking a moment of reflection both on and off the court. 


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