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'100% committed': The 10-year saga of the Haslam ownership of the Cleveland Browns

On the day the Browns return to training camp, we look back at the first ten years of Jimmy and Dee Haslam's ownership of the franchise.

Dave "Dino" DeNatale

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Published: 5:31 PM EDT July 27, 2022
Updated: 8:34 PM EDT August 19, 2022

As the Cleveland Browns begin training camp ahead of the 2022 season, we mark the 10-year anniversary of the team being under the ownership of Jimmy and Dee Haslam. The duo came in with one mission in 2012: To bring winning football back to Cleveland. So far, that mission has resulted in just one playoff appearance mixed in with some of the worst seasons in franchise (and NFL) history. Along the way, the Haslams have hired five different head coaches, have had five different men running their football operation, and numerous starting quarterbacks.

Fresh off of their biggest gamble, it's still fair to ask one question: Can the Browns win the Super Bowl with Jimmy and Dee Haslam as owners? In the meantime, here is a look back at their time in Cleveland, which many of us first found out about thanks to an early morning text message.

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