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Angry Cleveland Browns fan jumps into Lake Erie, goes viral on social media, after loss to Pittsburgh Steelers

"After all that hype, all that promise, all the talent that was assembled, it was all wasted!"
Credit: Joey Kinsley/Twitter

CLEVELAND — There's angry after a Cleveland Browns loss. And then there's Joey Kinsley. 

Following the Browns' loss to the Steelers in Pittsburgh on Sunday, Kinsley took to social media to express his rage. That rage has now gone viral.

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What's to be so upset about? The Browns are now 5-7 and are likely out of the AFC playoff picture with four games to go. This is all happening in a season where it was anticipated that the Browns would make the postseason for the first time since 2002. 

And it doesn't help that the loss came to the rival Pittsburgh Steelers, who were playing a third-string quarterback named Devlin 'Duck' Hodges.  

"Are we playing PIG JONES next week?  MOOSE SMITH??? Are we just going to play all the barn animals and lose to them," Kinsley shouted as he started his rant in his car. 

Then, Kinsley got out of the car and began walking towards Lake Erie. 

"I'm so tired of the Browns wasting my life," he said as he made his way to the shoreline. "I'm so done. I'm in the rain and about to get pneumonia."

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After a mention of Freddie Kitchens wearing the controversial 'Pittsburgh Started It' t-shirt, it was time to get into the water. "I'm sick and tired of rooting for an organization that continually lets me down. I'm going to keep doing it and I guess that just means I'm a moron," Kinsley said. "Speaking of being a moron, I'm going to go jump in Lake Erie since that's where ducks are!"

At last check, more than 142,000 people watched Kinsley's rant on Twitter. The story has been picked up by media in both Cleveland and Pittsburgh as well as nationally by CNN.

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