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Lights! Camera! Action! Behind the scenes with Myles Garrett for a Taco Bell commercial

Myles Garrett is teaming up with the fast-food restaurant as part of the Browns "Football Feast."

CLEVELAND — Taco Bell is always open late, but one local franchise recently closed down for a bit to welcome a very special visitor: Browns superstar Myles Garrett.

His assignment? To promote the Browns Football Feast at Taco Bell, with some help from a very professional, yet star struck, local 8th grader.

Grant Campbell was pretty shocked when he saw his football hero for the first time in person.

"He is absolutely massive," Grant said. "His muscles are massive, they're like the size of my head."

Who wouldn't be in awe, right? But, Grant had a job to do: Hold his own in a commercial spot, alongside this NFL superstar.

"Yeah, we were able to watch after every part we did, we were able to like, watch the replay and be able to laugh together with his manager, too," Grant said.

Laughing with Myles will be one of Grant's favorite memories of this commercial shoot. Throughout, Number 95 made his young co-star feel at ease.

"He was really fun and really funny," Grant said.

Each scene required just a few takes. Grant has some prior "talent" experience, but nothing quite like this.

And, yes, his classmates have taken notice.

"Everybody thought it was really cool that I was able to like meet him and some of them saw it on TV. Some of them I've seen a video of it, but a lot of people have seen it," said Grant.

With a little time left before he had to leave -- Myles made time for pictures -- and to surprise a drive-thru customer or two!

As for Grant, he's an even bigger fan of this Browns great now, but also admits to feeling a twinge of sympathy, too.

"I almost feel like bad for those old linemen I'd have to deal with. Like him just plowing through 'em with a hundred and fifty percent," Grant told us.

Editor's Note: The following video is from a previous, unrelated report.


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