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Bettor wins $1.3 million as Cleveland Browns' win vs. Denver Broncos completes 4-team parlay

A bettor won $1.3 million when the Cleveland Browns' victory over the Denver Broncos completed a four-team parlay.

CLEVELAND — There was plenty for Cleveland Browns fans to celebrate following the team's 17-14 victory over the Denver Broncos on Thursday night.

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One man, however, had even more reasons -- about 1.3 million of them -- to be excited by the Browns' Week 7 win.

As documented by Bleacher Report, Cleveland's victory over Denver completed a four-team parlay for a Chicago car dealer named Marco Piemonte. Having wagered $30,000 on the Denver Nuggets' moneyline vs. the Phoenix Suns, the Sacramento Kings' moneyline vs. the Portland Trail Blazers, the Appalachian State moneyline vs. Coastal Carolina and the Browns' moneyline vs. the Broncos, Piemonte entered Thursday knowing that he had already hit the first four legs of his four-team parlay.

(For the betting uninitiated, a moneyline bet means that the bettor picks the winner of the game straight up without any point spread involved).

As a result, he could have cashed out early, taking home more than $651,000 from his $30,000 wager. Instead, Piemonte opted to let it ride, with Cleveland's win over Denver clinching a $1.3 million payout from the DraftKings Sportsbook.

"Cashing out [early] is not an option," he told Bleacher Report.

A video taken shortly after the Browns clinched their victory over the Broncos showed Piemonte celebrating Cleveland's -- and his -- big win with friends. Suffice to say, D'Ernest Johnson made plenty of friends on Thursday night, perhaps none bigger than Piemonte, whose payout is worth more than the Browns running back's 2021 salary.