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Cleveland Browns to wear throwback alternate uniforms for 75th anniversary

Appearing on 92.3 The Fan on Friday, Cleveland Browns owner JW Johnson confirmed the team will wear alternate uniforms to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

CLEVELAND — In 2021, the Cleveland Browns will celebrate their 75th anniversary. And as a part of the festivities, it appears they will be wearing throwback alternate uniforms for at least one game.

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Appearing on "Baskin & Phelps" on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland on Friday, Browns executive vice president and owner JW Johnson discussed the team's plans for its 75th anniversary. And in doing so, he revealed that the Browns will be donning an alternate uniform to celebrate the occasion.

"We will have an alternate uniform this year," Johnson said. "So all the uniform heads out there that try to come up with them on social media can have a little fun now if they're listening to see what they can come up with. But we will have a nice alternate to be able to present to everybody at some point for the 75th anniversary."

Last year, the Browns overhauled their primary uniforms, returning to a more classic style than the modernized look they donned from 2015-2019. While the team's initial uniform reveal included brown and white jersey tops, as well as brown and white pants, the Browns later added orange pants to the mix for multiple games during the season, including their playoff-clinching victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as their two postseason games.

While the Browns' look has largely remained consistent throughout their history dating back to the franchise's inception in 1946, they do have a few throwback options. From 1946-1951, Cleveland wore white helmets, including in its first season when it also had drop shadowed numbers on its jerseys. Additionally, the Browns have also sporadically worn orange uniforms throughout their history -- both in the 1950s and 2000s -- as well as numbers on their helmet.

It's also worth noting that on Friday, the Browns also released a throwback logo for their 75th anniversary. That logo includes a gray facemask -- which is different from the brown facemask the team currently wears -- and could serve as a hint for what the throwback alternate might look like.


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