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Mixed feelings among Cleveland Browns fans as the last public training camp practice comes to a close

Browns fans at training camp all have one thing in common: They want resolution to the Deshaun Watson situation.

BEREA, Ohio — The Cleveland Browns have one of the greatest fanbases in sports. Their love for their football team is unmatched given what the team has put on the field for them to watch over the past 20 plus years.

However, as the Browns are set to field one of the most talented rosters they've had in decades, on-the-field football has often been the farthest topic of discussion ever since the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson.

On the final day of fan access at the Browns Training Camp, fans lined up for autographs looking for one more chance to get a signature from the Browns' new QB. Many of those fans were children who may have no idea what Watson is accused of.

Watson is accused of coercive and lewd sexual behavior by dozens of massage therapists. He has settled 23 of 24 civil lawsuits and two grand juries did not charge him with criminal wrongdoing. For some fans, that and the settlements are enough.

Fans want to know what's next for their quarterback situation, which remains in limbo as the NFL appeals former Judge Sue Robinson's 6-game suspension decision.

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Fans like Amy Forbes who said, "It's still important, but it's time to go forward I guess."

Sarah Duricko is willing to forgive Watson, "I think we are moving forward trying to forget the past, looking towards the future."

Many other Browns fans are having trouble coming to terms with the details of what we've learned about Watson over the last few years while the investigations have taken place.

For now, a returned focus on the on-the-field discussions is exactly what all are hoping to return to some day soon.

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