Victory is ours-and now, thanks to Bud Light, you can enjoy the sweet taste of victory in your own home.

Bud Light announced Saturday that is would begin selling miniature versions of the Cleveland Browns victory fridges.

At the start to the season, as an incentive for the winless team, Bud Light installed victory fridges at various locations throughout the city.

The fridges,packed with 200 bottles of crisp Bud Light would unlock with the Browns' first win.

The Cleveland Browns tasted victory for the first time in two seasons with a 21-17 win over the Jets Thursday, September 20, earning free beer for hundreds in city.

With a celebration that sweet, who wouldn't want to enjoy it at home.

With that being said, the fridges sold quick and are now out of stock on the website.

But if you waited 635-days for a win, we're sure you can wait a few weeks for a re-stock.