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Cleveland Browns 2020 schedule: Point spreads for every game

BetOnline.ag has released point spreads for all 16 games on the Cleveland Browns' 2020 NFL schedule.

Nearly a month after the Cleveland Browns' 2020 schedule was first released, we now know how they're expected to fare in each game -- at least, initially.

Last week, online sportsbook BetOnline.ag released its first point spreads for all 16 of the games on the Browns' 2020 slate.

For the gambling uninitiated a plus point spread means the Browns are underdogs and will have the point total listed added to the outcome of the game (ex: if you bet the Browns as a 7.5-point underdog, they can either win the game or lose by 7 or fewer points in order for you to win your bet.) Meanwhile, a negative point spread denotes that Cleveland is the favorite and must win by at least as many points that are listed in order for you to win the bet if you pick them.

The full list of the Browns' initial point spreads for the 2020 season are as follows:

  • Week 1 at Baltimore Ravens: Browns +8.5.
  • Week 2 vs. Cincinnati Bengals: Browns -8
  • Week 3 vs. Washington Redskins: Browns -9
  • Week 4 at Dallas Cowboys: Browns +4.5
  • Week 5 vs. Indianapolis Colts: Browns -1
  • Week 6 at Pittsburgh Steelers: Browns +4.5
  • Week 7 at Cincinnati Bengals: Browns -3
  • Week 8 vs. Las Vegas Raiders: Browns -5
  • Week 9: Bye
  • Week 10: vs. Houston Texans: Browns -2.5
  • Week 11: vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Pick
  • Week 12: @ Jacksonville Jaguars: Browns +1
  • Week 13: @ Tennessee Titans: Browns +4
  • Week 14: vs. Baltimore Ravens: Browns +3.5
  • Week 15: at New York Giants: Browns -1
  • Week 16: at New York Jets: Pick
  • Week 17: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Browns -1

Of note, Cleveland is currently favored to win eight of its games, with two others being labeled "picks," where a bettor is only required to pick a winner without taking or giving points. It's also worth noting that including the two picks, eight of the Browns' 16 games include a point spread of three points or fewer -- an indication that many of Cleveland's games this season are expected to essentially be coin flips.

Of course, these point spreads are just an initial listing and will change on a weekly basis once the 2020 season actually arrives. But if these forecasts prove accurate in any way, it appears the Browns are in for a nailbiter of a season.

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