CLEVELAND — As you read this story, just keep one thing in mind: We all make mistakes.

There was a time when not everyone in Northeast Ohio was enamored with Baker Mayfield. 

Before he became the franchise quarterback the Cleveland Browns had sought for years, Mayfield was thought of as 'the enemy' for many football fans in our area who also choose to root for Ohio State. 

People like Sam Kahn. 

In September of 2017, Mayfield and his Oklahoma Sooners came into Columbus and dismantled the Buckeyes. After the game, Baker planted his OU flag in the middle of Ohio Stadium. 

How many of you were angry with Mayfield after that moment? More than a few, we imagine. 

Sam Kahn, a die-hard Ohio State and Cleveland Browns fan, went on Mayfield's Instagram feed and said something that caused Baker to block him. 

We all make mistakes, right?

Fast forward to the present. Sam is getting married this weekend and his cousin reached out to Baker Mayfield on Instagram, asking if he could unblock Sam (@samkahn3 on Instagram).

"You blocked my cousin after the OSU/OU football game (apologies for anything he may have said). You see, Sam is getting married tomorrow and is, and always has been, a die hard Ohio and Cleveland sports fan. The ultimate gift he could receive is being unblocked by his favorite QB. We're hoping you could look past his past transgressions and let him eat his words. #UnblockSamKahn."

There's your hashtag: #UnblockSamKahn

In the meantime, we wish all the best to the newlyweds!