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'They did the right thing': Cleveland Browns fans react to team releasing Odell Beckham Jr.

'He's out of the locker room. If we get a win in Cincinnati, we will be fine.'

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — When you look to get reaction for Browns news, where else do you go but to a high school football game, where passions run deep?

At the St. Edward vs. Berea-Midpark playoff matchup Friday night, just about everyone knew Odell Beckham Jr. is gone. Seamus McMahon says the Browns have to get past the drama

"They need to move forward with a game plan, setting aside what's going on with Odell," he told us. "They have to focus on the Bengals."

Jim Staples' son is a football coach, and sometimes he says they have to makes some tough calls.

"They did the right thing to let him go," Staples said. "He's out of the locker room. If we get a win in Cincinnati, we will be fine.”

While OBJ has been popular with the fans, Tom Vulcan says this year, he gets a flag.

"I think OBJ from a few years ago and the legend of OBJ is much more popular than he is currently," Vulcan stated.

The video posted by OBJ's dad was popular, too, with the Instagram post showing how many times his son was open but didn't get the ball. The Browns front office was not happy about it, although they say it was not the only reason for his release.

Lisa Castro gives dad a long pass. Her son plays for St. Ed.

"He's probably just upset with what's going on," she said, although she admitted she would not do the same. "He's a parent. We do that, I guess, as parents."

Seamus' son plays for the Eagles, too. For him, Odell Sr.'s actions were out of bounds.

"I would not do that," he said. "That was a little shady."

See more reactions from fans:

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