While most of the headlines focused on LSU cornerback Greedy Williams, Alabama linebacker Mack Wilson or even Oklahoma kicker Austin Seibert, Sports Illustrated had high praise for another one of the eight players the Cleveland Browns selected in this past weekend's NFL Draft.

There was just one catch. When Kalyn Kahler referred to Southeastern Missouri State offensive lineman Drew Forbes as the "most overlooked prospect" in the draft, no one -- or at least very few -- knew who she was talking about.

Writing for Sports Illustrated's Monday Morning Quarterback website last week, Kahler profiled an anonymous prospect -- labeled "Prospect X" -- in the weeks leading up to the 2019 draft. In doing so, the magazine deemed the unknown player the "draft’s best-kept secret" -- a likely late-round pick or even undrafted free agent who could end up out-performing his value.

"X was a late bloomer at a tiny high school who didn’t get any offers from major programs," Kahler wrote. "He was a local recruit for his college, becoming a three-year starter on the offensive line and a team captain as a senior. And he assembled a nasty senior season highlight reel. But his performance wasn’t properly appreciated—he was not invited to a single all-star game or the NFL scouting combine."

“He’s the best prospect I’ve ever had,” his head coach says. “And I’ve had a Senior Bowl guy, I’ve had a guy drafted.”

Cleveland Browns GM John Dorsey at 2019 NFL Draft
General manager John Dorsey felt the compensation ask from other teams was too high for the Cleveland Browns to trade back into the first round.
Matt Florjancic

On Tuesday, Kahler revealed that the player she had profiled -- as some on social media and Reddit had already predicted -- was Forbes, who the Browns selected in the sixth round with the No. 189th overall pick in the draft. In doing so, new details were revealed about Cleveland's selection of the offensive lineman, including which position general manager John Dorsey projects him to play at the next level.

"He’s got incredible athleticism, so why not try him at left or right tackle?” Dorsey said, via Kahler. “If that doesn’t work, then move inside, I mean that’s how you do the offensive line. Let them see what their natural position is and then move forward. He is a very athletic and talented guy who is mature, tenacious, and smart.”

Also included in the article revealing the identity "Prospect X" is an in-depth look at how the Browns handle the scouting and drafting process, which included Dorsey sending Forbes a personalized video before he was ever picked.

If Forbes was, indeed, a secret entering the draft, it appears to have been one Dorsey was in on. And if Tuesday was any indication, his days of anonymity may soon be coming to an end.