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Colin Cowherd insists he 'loves' Baker Mayfield, despite Twitter spat

Despite an intense Twitter exchange over the weekend, Fox Sports Radio host Colin Cowherd insisted he's a big fan of Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Over the course of the past year, Colin Cowherd hasn't been shy to make Baker Mayfield a subject on his show.

Mayfield, meanwhile, has been even less shy to fire back.

Yet despite often offering backhanded compliments, outright critiques and everything in between of the Cleveland Browns quarterback, Cowherd insists he holds no ill will toward Mayfield. In fact, the Fox Sports Radio host says he's a fan.

"Send my best to Baker," Cowherd told TMZ Sports on Monday. "Baker thinks I don't like him, I love Baker."

Cowherd's comments come just days after he called Mayfield, Browns general manager John Dorsey and the city of Cleveland "peas in a pod" during a segment discussing an article by Zac Jackson of The Athletic that detailed the Browns' drafting of the 2017 Heisman Trophy winner a year ago.

Apparently taking offense to the comment, Mayfield referred to Cowherd as a "donkey," with the notorious provocateur responding that the record-breaking rookie should "listen" to the segment before wishing him good luck in the Browns' season opener against the Tennesee Titans.

Despite Mayfield's testy reply -- "Why would I listen to you instead of just reading the quote? That’s exactly what you do when you go on air... skip all the details and important stuff, then go for the irrational opinion for clicks," he tweeted back -- Cowherd insisted to TMZ that nothing about his exchanges with Mayfield are personal. In fact, he even appeared impressed that Mayfield spent his time at the Kentucky Derby with Tom Brady, even admitting the 24-year-old had "out-swagged" the 6-time Super Bowl champ.

"Baker's hip and younger than Tom," Cowherd admitted. "He should."

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