There's a good chance many Cleveland Browns fans end their Sundays with a headache.

As a result, many Clevelanders likely have a stock of Excedrin in their medicine cabinets. Excedrin knows this, which is why the brand is stepping in to support the "Perfect Season" parade.

The parade will take place Jan. 6 if the Browns go winless for an 0-16 record this season. But if the Browns do manage to win a game, the parade, its plans and its funding won't be without cause.

Parade founder Chris McNeil, known as @Reflog_18 by most on Twitter, created a GoFundMe to cover expenses for the parade. This year, he set a goal of $10,000. If the parade is canceled due to a Browns win, all proceeds will be donated to the Cleveland Food Bank.

On Wednesday, Excedrin joined the cause by making a $7,683 donation to the parade's GoFundMe, the exact amount needed to reach the $10,000 goal.

"All sports fans have felt a team, game or even single play-induced headache at some point. This season has been especially painful for Cleveland football fans. We want them to know we understand their pain and we're here to help," said Scott Yacovino, Excedrin's Senior Brand Manager said in a news release Thursday.