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JIMMY'S TAKE: Cleveland Browns RB Kareem Hunt 'really fooling with fire' after latest off-field incident

The Willoughby South grad was pulled over in Rocky River, and officers allegedly found marijuana in the car.

CLEVELAND — Kareem Hunt is really fooling with fire right now.

Whether it was his marijuana or not in the car when he got pulled over in Rocky River is really not the issue. The issue is that these off-the-field problems keep popping up.

You would've thought things would've turned around after that initial incident at The 9 in 2018 that effectively got him kicked out of the NFL and earned him a steep suspension when the Browns finally signed him. But remember, there was an incident outside a bar last June, too. Hunt said it was a misunderstanding, and nothing ever came of it, but it just adds to the list of issues.

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There are two problems here: No. 1, what are the Browns going to do about this? No. 2, is the NFL going to stick its nose into this because of Hunt's past? If he is in the league's substance abuse program (a real possibility considering his prior violent incident), this could be viewed as a violation, which would be another mark on his record, which could lead to a suspension. I'm not saying that's going to happen, but it's a possibility.

The whole thing is really a Browns problem, though, as they have dictated to him that they were really going to stay on the straight and narrow. He has no trouble on the football field being a great player; his problems come when he leaves the football field, and of course in the offseason, he's not on the field.

In one week, new head coach Kevin Stefanski has had to deal with Odell Beckham Jr. doing all that stuff down at the LSU game and now Kareem Hunt. Welcome to the Browns.

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