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Jimmy Haslam's son-in-law speaks out against Cleveland Browns fans' 'Perfect Season Parade'

JW Johnson has reportedly become more involved with the Browns organization in recent months.

CLEVELAND -- Although its title may not denote it, the 'Perfect Season Parade' some Cleveland Browns fans will participate in on Saturday is intended to protest the state of the franchise -- in particular, owner Jimmy Haslam.

On Thursday, a member of the Haslam family spoke out against the parade, when Jimmy and Dee Haslam's son-in-law, JW Johnson, took to Twitter to encourage those who oppose the parade to hold a protest of their own.

Johnson also retweeted a video from Barstool Sports, featuring an expletive-laced rant from actor Michael Rapaport denouncing the 'Perfect Season Parade.' The parade's organizer, Granville, Ohio, resident Chris McNeil (@Reflog_18), has feuded with the 'Inside Out' star in the past.

Johnson's willingness to speak out against the parade is noteworthy, as he has reportedly taken on a bigger role in the Browns organization in recent months. In November, CBSSports.com's Jason La Canfora reported that Johnson would be "an integral figure in the reshuffling of the franchise" moving forward. In his piece detailing Haslam's reign as Browns' owner, Tom Reed of The Athletic noted that Johnson is "getting more involved" with the franchise "in an attempt to learn the business."

Johnson, who is followed by several members of the Browns organization on Twitter and has posted pictures of himself with his family in the past, hasn't been shy to speak his mind on social media in the past. Following Cleveland's highly publicized failed attempt to acquire Cincinnati Bengals backup A.J. McCarron at the trade deadline, Johnson urged "everyone" to "relax."

Johnson's tweet about the parade, however, hasn't been as well received as it's his family many are planning on protesting in the first place. Whether any fans will answer his call to action and protest the parade/protest remains to be seen. But for those in favor of the 0-16 parade, Johnson's tweet only appears to have strengthened their beliefs.