12 games down, four to go. Still no wins for the Cleveland Browns.

If you take wider look, the Browns are 1-27 since owner Jimmy Haslam started over and rebuilt the front office with Sashi Brown and Paul DePodesta's analytical approach, with Hue Jackson as head coach.

It's not working. And as the "Voice of the Browns," Jim Donovan, put it on Monday, it's unacceptable. Especially for a city and a region that has the pedigree and passion for football that Cleveland and Northeast Ohio possesses.

The Browns need a miracle worker. A savior.

It could be a coach. Remember how irrelevant the Cleveland Indians were until Terry Francona arrived in 2013? Since Tito has become manager, the Tribe has made three trips to the postseason, including an American League title in 2016.

It could be a player. Jimmy points out that Bernie Kosar was the savior for the Browns starting in 1985. He led the Dawgs to five straight playoff appearances, four AFC Central Division titles, and three trips to the AFC Championship Game.

And we need only to look to the Q to see the savior of saviors, LeBron James, and what he has done for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Or it could be someone to completely take over the franchise. Perhaps someone like Peyton Manning? Jimmy buys the rumors of mutual interest between the Browns and Manning, but not to the point where we should start planning for a press conference.

The person who comes to the Browns must look to end the culture of losing. A culture that has caused the Browns to have only two winning seasons and one postseason appearance since their return to the NFL in 1999.

If that losing culture can be put to rest, it could be a renaissance similar to what we all saw in 2016, when the Chicago Cubs ended 108 years of futility and won the World Series.

It can happen.

But the Browns HAVE to find a miracle worker.

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