CLEVELAND -- Hue Jackson has been the head coach of the Cleveland Browns for 21 months, and all of that work put in by him, his coaching staff, the front office and players has resulted in just one victory over the last two seasons.

And according to offensive lineman Joel Bitonio, the burdens of a second straight struggling season lie on the players.

“He wants to win, and that is what he has been stressing since Day 1, and we haven’t gotten enough wins for him,” Bitonio said. “The guy comes into work on Monday through Sunday. He has his head down, he works as hard as anybody I have ever been around, and he is really trying to get us in the right position to win these games.

“Obviously, we haven’t won since he has been here, but he is putting us in the right position. He is keeping us positive, and I know we are going to have the energy and we are going to be prepared to play this Sunday.”

At 0-6, the Browns find themselves in last place in the AFC North Division, are one of just two winless teams remaining in the National Football League and on the wrong side of the worst point differential in the league.

Although the Browns are winless through the first six weeks of the season and 1-21 since Sashi Brown took over as executive vice president of player personnel on January 3, 2016.

“Obviously, we haven’t played up to our standard and we haven’t gotten the wins we wanted to get, but I know we have more talent this year, and I know we are doing everything possible to get that win,” Bitonio said. “Coach Jackson does an unbelievable job of really keeping us with our end goal in mind. It is tough.”

Over the last three years, the Browns have gone 4-34, and the record has not been much better since Dee and Jimmy Haslam officially purchased the team in October of 2012.

In five seasons under Haslam’s majority ownership, the Browns have posted an NFL-worst 15-55 record. Factoring in the remaining games of the 2012 season after the sale was approved at an NFL Owners Meeting in Chicago, Haslam’s Browns have gone 19-60.

“It is tough obviously being 0-6,” Bitonio said. “You never want to start a season 0-6. The energy going into these games, we really do have a feeling we are going to win these games. I was banged up last year, so I wasn’t around on game days as much as I wanted to, but I know we have a chance when we go out there.

“We want to win these games and we haven’t played well enough to win yet. It really is hard, but I know we are going to come out this week and practice as hard as ever and get ready for the Tennessee Titans.”