CLEVELAND — Things have shifted from bad to worse as the Cleveland Browns' season has reached its midway point.

Expectations for a playoff caliber team have decayed to another season of frustration and despair following Cleveland's 24-19 loss in Denver Sunday. 

Fans have not shied from airing their frustrations on the team's discipline, red zone woes and questionable coaching.

3News correspondent and commentator Mike Polk has some words of wisdom for fans. 

"So it turns out, we might have gotten out in front of our skis a little bit, Cleveland," he said. "...This is a whole new sensation of losing. It's a unique sense of hopelessness because this clearly isn't working, but I don't know how we can fix this right now, or even in the relatively near future."

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Though Freddie Kitchens' coaching decisions have been underwhelming, questionable and even infuriating at times, Polk points out that perhaps fans should have seen this coming.

"I know the coaching has been trash, but if you meatheads would have actually paid attention during the offseason, and you weren't all so lost in Baker's eyes, you would've been able to predict the very real possibility that Freddie might not yet be up to this," Polk explains.

Hear the rest of Polk's thoughts in the video player above.

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