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Social media sounds off following Cleveland Browns' season-opening loss

The 30-point drubbing came as a shock, and most fans were understandably mad.

CLEVELAND — We've seen this movie before, but this one hurts.

The most anticipated Browns opener since the team returned in 1999 ended with a thud, as Cleveland shockingly lost to the underdog Tennessee Titans 43-13 at FirstEnergy Stadium. The contest was marred by penalties, turnovers, and a notable lack of chemistry.

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As expected, social media was ablaze both during and after the ordeal. A notable tweet came from the Cleveland Division of Police, asking fans to "keep the faith" and not "think about the score" and instead look at an "epic pic" of the Goodyear Blimp over the field pregame.

However, the rest of Twitter wasn't nearly as rosy. While some fans were still hopeful most were quite, quite mad.

Facebook comments:

Christopher Rehm: Hopefully we got the clunker out of the way and everyone can hit the practice field with purpose

Christopher T. Carraher: That game was as disappointing as being an 8-year old on Christmas Day🎄 and receiving nothing but socks & underwear as gifts. 🎁

Al Shaneyfelt: Last years head coach took us to the best season in 20 years or so! So we fire him! Way to go smart move

Marjorie Bolton Vetalice: When does the jersey burning begin? What an embarrassment this fiasco was! They all have a lot of work to do!!!

Ryan Bayko: I realize we have a lot more talent on the team but two years ago this was an 0 and 16 team. I've been saying this whole time people thinking we're going to the Superbowl this year out of their minds. They will be better than this some people need their temper their expectations a little bit

Richard Lodwick: So this is the new look Browns

Ann Kirkbride: When you have that many penalties it's the coaching! No discipline! No offensive line! They all need to stop reading the papers!

Judy Knapik Doty: Apparently the Factory of Sadness is still hiring.

Gary Vild: Apparently Baker and the team woke up today feeling pathetic.

Joe Molinari Sr.: We lose today final score Penalties 18 Browns 13.