Baker Mayfield has been a lot of things.

He's been a walk-on. A gamer. A Heisman Trophy Winner. The No. 1 overall pick, a record-breaking rookie and currently, the franchise quarterback of the Cleveland Browns.

But before Mayfield was anything else, he was first Gina's son.

With Mother's Day on Sunday, ESPN had Mayfield pen and read a letter about his mom to air on SportsCenter. What the 2018 No. 1 overall pick didn't know was that his mother, Gina, was listening as he read the letter, creating an unexpected, yet touching moment.

Mayfield's letter read as follows:

"Dear Mom,

Words do not begin to describe how thankful I am to call you my mother. Being the younger brother and seeing how you raised Matt so well and then also using different approaches on me. There's no handbook on parenting, but if there was, you would be the author. The way you showed unconditional love through every up and down and a few self-inflicted mistakes along the way. You have never stopped believing in me, always pushing me to do more and then always having the big picture mindset to push through adversity. Speaking of adversity, one of my 'favorite' memories is when you made the journey up to Normand in January 2014. Absolutely everything was not going our way, between the car wreck, the rental car and the awful weather. Looking back on it, you never flinched. You were going to make sure your son was going to get to where he wanted to go to school. That's the type of love I'm so thankful for. That's the type of love that makes you so unique and special. Always putting others before yourself, you're a perfect role model and I'm so thankful to be your son. Happy Mother's Day, mom."

You can watch Baker read the letter -- and his reaction upon being surprised by Gina -- in the video above or by checking out