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WATCH | Baker Mayfield talks Cleveland Browns in hilarious ice bath interview with Kevin Hart

This is Baker Mayfield like you’ve never seen him before.
Credit: LOL Network / YouTube

Get ready for a good laugh.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has taken the plunge as the latest person featured in a YouTube series that puts athletes in frigid water for an ice bath interview with comedian Kevin Hart.

Throughout the cold water conversation, Mayfield talks about his football career and the history of the Browns.

You can watch the full 11-minute segment HERE (Note: Content contains language that may be inappropriate for some viewers):

The interview, which was posted Tuesday, quickly became one of YouTube's top-trending videos with nearly 1 million views by noon Wednesday.

Hart: “What was Cleveland’s record last year (2017)?”

Mayfield: “0-16.”

Hart: “(Expletive)”

Mayfield: “They went 4-0 in pre-season.”

Hart: “Of course they did, because nobody gives a (expletive) about pre-season. What’s your mindset going into that?”

Mayfield: “To me, it’s the same thing I’ve had all along.”

Hart: “No it’s not.”

Mayfield: “Yeah, it is. What happened before me didn’t matter. I’m gonna control what I can.”

Hart: “Yeah, but you walked into good program.”

Mayfield: “Cleveland, historically, is good. Like back in your day.”

Hart: “A lot of those Cleveland Browns fans just look defeated in the face. I actually saw a Cleveland Browns fan one time go, ‘Let’s go... no man, (expletive) this.’”

Then they dip their bodies deeper in the ice tub for more questions...

Hart: “So, Cleveland Browns. What do you do if there’s a one-win season?”

Mayfield: “It’s an improvement, honestly.”

Hart: “Are you happy?”

Mayfield: “No.”

The conversation switches gears to discuss Mayfield’s personal life and being engaged, which Hart quickly joked about.

“Did you get engaged fast because you felt like that’s the only ring that you’re gonna be able to get?”

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Then we learned these little tidbits about Mayfield:

His middle name is Reagan.

His favorite musician is Justin Timberlake.

His favorite Timberlake song is Pusher Love Girl.

Mayfield, however, isn't the first person associated with the Browns to take on Hart's icy interviews. Former quarterback Johnny Manziel was featured in the YouTube series last August. You can watch the Manziel interview HERE: