BEREA, Ohio — Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry has a magnetic personality, and apparently, it is hereditary, as his young daughter, Joy, displayed recently.

While out in the driveway attending to some chores, Landry watched, and filmed, as a baby deer befriended his daughter, even playing a game of peekaboo from behind a recycling receptacle.

Landry addressed the encounter prior to Tuesday’s practice at the Browns’ three-day mandatory minicamp at team headquarters in Berea.

“Went outside to play around in the morning time,” Landry said. “We took a walk, a normal walk. We got back and I went to the garage, and when I came out of the garage, they were already best friends.”

The video quickly went viral and was picked up by major news outlets, including a brief mention on “The Today Show” on NBC.

The video posted to the Browns’ Twitter account Monday shows Landry walking a path from his driveway to the front door with Joy and the fawn in tow. Other clips that have surfaced online showed the deer letting Joy pet it and it using a recycling bin as a hiding spot.

“She wasn’t,” Landry said. “I was more afraid than she was.”

The Landrys did not name the deer yet, but a return visit will earn it a new moniker.

“We should have,” Landry said. “If he comes back, we'll definitely give him a name for sure.”

By week’s end, Landry will have plenty of time to capture more adorable moments with Joy and to think of a name for the deer, as once the Browns finish their mandatory minicamp in Berea Thursday, players will have a five-week break before reporting for the start of training camp in late July.