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WKNR 850's Tony Rizzo feuds with Cleveland Browns LT Joe Thomas, ESPN's Dan Le Batard Show

"You know what I'll remember Joe Thomas for? Losing," Rizzo said.

Between his popular 'ThomaHawk Show' podcast, columns for MMQB.com and ongoing tour of the ESPN campus, Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas has received a steady stream of praise for his recent work as a member of the media.

Don't include WKNR 850's Tony Rizzo, however, among those impressed -- or happy with -- the 10-time Pro Bowl selection's foray into his field.

On last Thursday's episode of 'The Really Big Show,' Rizzo took issue with Thomas not appearing on his show live. The 11-year veteran had recorded an interview with Rizzo's co-host, Aaron Goldhammer at the Cleveland Sports Awards the night before in a segment that was set to be replayed the following day.

Rizzo proceeded to take aim at Thomas, mocking the 'ThomaHawk Show' podcast and stating that he'll always remember the Browns left tackle for losing. He also said that no one would "give a crap" about Thomas once his playing days with the Browns were done.

Rizzo's rant was replayed for Thomas on Wednesday morning during an interview on ESPN's nationally syndicated 'Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.'

"Does Joe Thomas understand that when he’s done playing for the Browns, no one’s gonna give a crap about him?," Rizzo said. "You know what I’ll remember Joe Thomas for? Losing.”

Rizzo then proceeded to suggest that Thomas' career in the media wouldn't come easily.

“He’s coming to my world, baby. I’m a made man in this town, in this media," Rizzo said. "You’re coming to my world. You got to earn your way in my world. You don’t just get a free pass because you were good at playing tackle in the NFL. Good luck with the ThomaHawk, Joe.”

Thomas, for his part, took the high road, responding to Rizzo with a tweet.

And after stating that it would take much more than a rant about the Browns' record to rile him up, Thomas extended an invitation to Rizzo to appear on the ThomaHawk Show, although he may not have been completely sincere.

"It really seems he has something out for me, I'm not exactly sure why," Thomas said. "But we'd love to have him on the ThomaHawk Show so he can beef it up with me and tell me all the reasons why he's such a big fan of the ThomaHawk Show."

After Le Batard -- who has feuded publicly with Rizzo in the past -- replayed a clip of Rizzo calling himself a "made man," Thomas added, "He's really playing up that rivalry that's not there."

Rizzo, to his credit, did his best to mend fences with Thomas on Twitter.

The same, however, can't be said of his relationship with Le Batard and his national radio show.

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