It's been a tough week and we all could us a pick-me-up, right? 

I give you Baker Mayfield.

The Browns, as well as the site 'The Checkdown,' posted a 40 second Twitter video of Mayfield dancing and having fun during last year's NFLPA Rookie Premiere gala in Los Angeles. The video was shot by the people of EA Sports and Madden NFL. 

If you'll recall from last year, we all loved Mayfield show his dancing moves from the popular video game 'Fortnite,' as he boogied down in a video that went viral.

In case you still haven't gotten enough of the Browns quarterback, remember he also won the Greater Cleveland Sports Award for Professional Athlete of the Year this week, plus had an ice bath conversation with comedian Kevin Hart.

“I am who I am because I believe in myself, and I expect to be able to do my job at a very high level,” Mayfield said this week. 

He can also dance at a high level, too. 

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