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'You're a clown': Colin Cowherd sparks social media battle with Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield and WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham and Mayfield didn't take too kindly to a segment during Thursday's 'The Herd'

CLEVELAND — The gloves are starting to come off in the social media battle between Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd and Cleveland Browns players Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. 

On Thursday, Cowherd did a feature on his show "The Herd," spotlighting what he called the 'Top 10 moments of Odell Beckham Jr.'s career,' in the mode of Family Feud. Most of the moments were off-the-field incidents from the past meant to throw more shade on OBJ following his departure from the Browns OTA workouts earlier this week. 

"When you go back on the biggest moments of Odell Beckham Junior's career," Cowherd said, "One great catch, one great commercial, and a lot of nonsense."

Beckham didn't mince words in his response. 

Apparently, Cowherd and OBJ had a conversation in the past. That's at least according to Beckham's screen shot of texts he shared with the host.

Beckham continued on Twitter to Cowherd: "But I honestly I really hate to even give u this spotlight. Just put some respect on my name as ur talkin bout me and my family to booost ur TV shows and ratings. If I was GREAT then u and others wouldn’t talk about me this much. I DONT hear much talk bout anybody else at All. Next time I have media, ima make sure I put an end to all of this. Just don’t be putting shxt out on social media u WOULD NOT say to my face or in person ... u really scary😭😭"

One of Cowherd's favorite targets, Beckham's teammate Baker Mayfield, joined the fray.

"You’re over double his age and you can’t even realize that it’s much bigger than just the game," Mayfield continued. "Wisdom didn’t come with age for you did it?"

Because he couldn't just let it go from there, Cowherd came back hours later with this response to Mayfield and Beckham:

Do you think Baker feels sorry for 'The Herd'? Think again.

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