We all felt for Chicago Bears' kicker Cody Parkey on Sunday.

The game was literally in his hands (well, his foot) and he missed the field goal that would have edged the Bears over the Philadelphia Eagles into the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

The NFL later changed that missed field goal to a block by Eagles defensive tackle Treyvon Hester.

Still, had Parkey made the kick, the Bears' season wouldn't have ended in heartbreak.

And it seems some Bears fans weren't so sympathetic to Parkey, who formerly played for the Cleveland Browns in 2016. Social media users ripped the veteran kicker for the miss and even former NFL coach Rex Ryan said he doesn't feel sorry for Parkey.

But Chicago-based brewery Goose Island Beer Company does feel sorry for Parkey. In fact, they're out to prove a point in his defense.

"A lot of armchair kickers on here are saying that they could hit that field goal, which we find DOUBTFUL. You’re gonna sit there on your throne of potato chips and vape pens and criticize this dude’s athleticism? GET REAL," the company tweeted.

If you can make that same field goal from the same 43-yard distance, you'll get free beer for a year, according to Goose Island.

The company tweeted about it more on Monday:

Participants have to visit Goose Island's W. Fulton Street taproom this weekend, where they'll have a field goal post built in the middle of the street. 

Goose Island tweeted the official rules Tuesday: