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Johnny Manziel joins Joe Thomas' podcast to discuss his future, past and 'Billy Manziel'

Manziel opened up on his future in football, his past with the Browns and his Billy Manziel alter ego.

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is crafting his comeback into professional football.

Two weeks ago, Manziel signed with the Spring League, an organized football league consisting of former NFL and collegiate players in Austin, Texas.

Manziel also joined the latest episode of the "Thomahawk" podcast, hosted by Browns OT Joe Thomas and former Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins, to discuss his future, his past as a notch in the Browns' quarterback belt and the infamous story of his alter ego in Las Vegas.

Manziel has lived in Los Angeles since leaving Cleveland, but said he has remained in close contact with Browns receiver Josh Gordon, citing past addiction problems the pair shared.

Manziel said he hasn't necessarily received advice from Gordon, who made his comeback to the NFL last season. Instead, Manziel said watching Gordon's actions toward his comeback taught him the best lesson.

"I took that advice with his actions more than anything that he told me through words," Manziel said.

The trio also looked backed at the 2014 Browns season, in which Manziel made his league debut. The trio questioned some of the coaching decisions made by head coach Mike Pettine and his staff, including the decision to swap out starting quarterback Brian Hoyer for Manziel with three games remaining in the season.

Manziel recalled feeling like he didn't know what he was doing as a rookie and that he felt unsure in his role with the team and how the coaching staff viewed him.

"I don't think Kyle [Shanahan] really wanted me that much," Manziel said after claiming he wasn't sure what role owner Jimmy Haslam had in drafting him. "How much did they let outside influence affect them in bringing me in?"

Manziel also explained the infamous "Billy Manziel" story, in which he went to Las Vegas during the season wearing an incognito blond wig, fake mustache and sunglasses days after suffering a concussion.

"This decision that I made, what a complete lack of respect for guys like Joe T," Manziel admitted. "What a complete lack of respect for an organization that was trying to stick by me, even with having a concussion at this point in time. What just a complete, selfish decision."

Later on Wednesday, Manziel tweeted the following:

You can listen to the full discussion in the latest episode of the Thomahawk podcast, available through Apple, Uninterrupted and Soundcloud.

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